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Care for Women of
All Ages

Dr. Sillay offers focused gynecologic care for women of all ages. Because she limits her practice to gynecology and makes referrals for obstetric care and surgery, she can offer prompt scheduling and on-time appointments.


A Lifetime of Care

The period of time in which a woman needs obstetric care is very short compared to that in which she needs gynecologic care. A long-term relationship with a caring gynecologist can help ensure better care throughout her lifetime.


Focus on Gynecology 

When the physician’s schedule is not affected by the unpredictability of obstetrical and surgical activity, patients can avoid cancelled appointments and long waits in the gynecologist's office.


Patient Engagement and Preventive Care

Dr. Sillay encourages preventive care through regular exams, appropriate screening, early intervention, and patient education.

Your appointment will begin in Dr. Sillay’s office with a consultation, allowing you time to express your concerns and ask questions in a comfortable, non-threatening environment. She believes in spending ample time with patients so that she can clearly understand your needs and you can clearly understand her assessments and recommendations.




Dr. Sillay provides gynecologic care encompassing all phases of a woman’s life including contraception, pap screening and treatment, preparation for pregnancy, the post-childbearing period and peri-/post-menopausal care.


Our practice uses electronic medical records to provide enhanced care, efficient record-keeping, and convenient communications for patients. We send electronic prescriptions directly to your pharmacy for convenient pick-up, quicker prescription refills, and improved medication safety.  Secure e-mail communication allows you to contact Dr. Sillay directly for non-urgent questions and advice and is available to all of our patients.

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