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A New Look for Women & Teens Gynecology

When I left my practice of many years in New York City to move to Portland, Oregon, I had embarked on a new adventure: west coast culture, new friendships, beautiful surroundings, and a change of medical practice. Daunting as it seemed to be starting from scratch in a city where our only acquaintance was the realtor we serrendipitously met on our first scouting trip, (and who soon became a great friend), it was exciting to have the opportunity to custom design my own practice. With that excitement came the real work of building a patient base and running a business.

Back in the old days when I started private practice (twenty-six years ago and counting), the practice of medicine was simple: you had patients, staff, and paper charts. Since then, the practice of medicine has truly become the business of medicine: electronic medical records, information technology, billing, coding, insurance contracting, regulatory agencies, and the list goes on. It was a steep learning curve but one I am glad I went through; I have gained great satisfaction and fulfillment in the structure of my practice and the relationships I enjoy with my patients at Women & Teens Gynecology.

Seven years is a long time in the life of technology, and my website has been long overdue for a facelift. Thanks to advances in web technology and our do-it-yourself culture, I soon realized that it is now possible to build your own website. Another seemingly daunting task, yet actually quite easy, and here it is!

I hope you like the new look and encourage you to be adventurous and explore the brave new

world of do-it-yourself technology. I wonder what's next?!

#gynecology #Portland #Women #Teens #Oregon

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